How Chatbots Help to Fix the Biggest Challenge in Recruiting

Tim Bremer Aug. 31, 2018

Talent Acquisition is a hotly-contested market, and it’s not going to cool down anytime soon. With an unemployment rate that’s steadily declining and is close to reaching a 38-year low in Germany, a shrinking talent pool is continuously presenting recruiters with more challenges, the biggest one being time. This article will show you and your team how chatbots can be a valuable approach to fixing some of these challenges, narrowing down your recruiting funnel and thus freeing up more time to focus on your best candidates.

Funnel Graphic

According to Officevibe, top candidates are off the market within less than 10 days - while only 1 in 3 actually hears back from a recruiter within the first week (Indeed confidence curve study). Prompt replies and showing interest help engaging the candidate and drastically reduce your time-to-hire. A chatbot in your recruiting process can automate up to 75% of all incoming questions within the first 3 weeks, provide replies outside of the normal office hours and gives you the freedom to really focus on spending valuable time with the most interesting candidates.

Candidate experience is the candidate’s perception of the recruiting process and is often greatly underestimated. A great experience sets you apart from competing companies and significantly increases your chances of hiring that candidate. Because let’s be real, rarely anyone restricts their job-search efforts to only one company at a time. If your candidate gets a superior experience at another company, they’re very likely to accept your competitor’s offer over yours. CareerArc concluded in a study that of 60% who have had a bad experience, 63% will even reject an offer made by that company.
The application process is often the very first point of contact a potential candidate has with a business. The conversational interface of a chatbot makes this interaction seem very intuitive and is available on the platforms people already use to communicate with family and friends. Chatbots can be customized to your employer brand’s specific needs, so it can be friendly, intuitive and human-like, ensuring candidates that they’re being taken care of. If you compare our average 82% candidate satisfaction rate with the 60% of those who have had a bad experience, the winner here is obvious.

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