Change the way your business interacts with talent, for the better.

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Hi Anna, a few weeks back you were seeking a marketing role in Paris and we do have a new opening now. Are you interested to chat?
Awesome, I’m still interested.
Great! Have a look at the job description… 📄

Case Study — Deutsche Telekom

With their chatbot KATY, Deutsche Telekom achieved much-improved candidate experience scores, as well as an increase in applicant quality and responsiveness to out-of-hours inquiries. Find out how in this case study!
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Change the way your business interacts with talent, for the better

Candidate engagement

Keep candidates engaged with continuous, automated assistance

FAQ automation

Automatically get back to every candidate and answer FAQs — 24/7

Application via Chat

Candidates engage in job discovery and apply conveniently on any device

Qualifying & Pre-Screening

Qualify, pre-screen and validate candidates quickly and efficiently

Interview Experience

Provide a seamless interview experience by sending out useful information in advance


Get new employees up to speed quicker and improve retention

Communicating, naturally.

We build our chatbots using our own Natural Language Processing engine to give them a human touch — and the ability to continue learning from every interaction with a candidate.
As a Senior Marketing Manager, you'll be responsible for how our company is perceived by the rest of the world. Make an impression! 😊
What are the usual working hours?
The working hours in our marketing department are pretty flexible. Although we agreed on a common time where everyone is in the office: 1pm.
Cool, thanks! 👍

jobpal improves your process and results while saving money

No more repetitive work

Takes care of menial tasks that used to take up so much of your time

Focus on engagement

Automates the initial phases and gets you infront of the right candidate quicker

Efficient recruiting

Potential to significantly reduce average cost and time spent per hire
"Automated responses to standard questions help us to improve our candidate experience 24/7."

Dave Mills
Innovation & Transformation Lead

Gartner Cool Vendor 2018

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