Must-read report on chatbots, conversational interfaces and intelligence by CognitionX

Flora Wießner July 25, 2018

It was a long journey until we got to today’s stage where technology and humans are able to realise and build voice assistants and chatbots, starting in the mid-60s and exploding in the early 80s. Today, AI-driven technologies such as Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa and Echo or Siri created by Apple are common for tens of millions of users, integrated into their daily habits, tasks and life. Today, we get ourselves information at any kind of websites or platforms about services, entertainment programmes, brands or just technical help via chatbots, giving us the requested answers and information we need, at any time we want. AI and chatbots are already giving us a helping hand in various fields and assist us in many ways.

“It’s still early days - I thus expect to see constant improvements with the products we see today” says William Tunstall-Pedoe, Founder of Evi, Creator of Alexa, in the recent report from CognitionX “The Business of Natural Language Computing - A Primer on Chatbots and Voicebots”.

Looking into the future - William Tunstall-Pedoe is convinced that we’ll have big changes in the daily dealing with apps, all actions online and the general usage of the internet - as there will be an omnipresent voice which assists us with all these actions, without any training required, 24/7 accessible.

Since the early 80s, when the AI field exploded and researches and technologies got meaningful innovations - the chatbot landscape got more and more broadly. Proved that text communications and instant messaging is not going away - the usage of messaging applications is rising to over 5 billion people send more than 100bn messages a day (SMS, Whatsapp, Messenger, WeChat…) and keeps growing -  the CognitionX internal research on chatbots started. Numbers are not showing any signs of slowing, important channels are adapting or starting to slowly support chatbots as they see the great opportunity. The surveys of CognitionX as well yield, that especially services focussing on IT will add chatbots to their portfolio of offers soon and until now more than 500.000 chatbots were already implemented.

A range of forecasting publications suggest between 25-35% growth over the next 5 years, furthermore the hype predicts that 25 % of all companies will deploy a chatbot by 2020.

The Grand Review Research found out that 2/3rds of companies want to implement a chatbot within the next year, while one fifth of the respondents have already launched a chatbot for their customers. Less than 10 % don’t have plans for deploying a chatbot - which shows clearly the obvious fact that there is already a great early validation and companies start to adapt quickly. We see very similar traction in the recruitment industry and vertical.

They all see the significant business impact and the chance to get the chatbots to overtake at least one major business function - so do we. Jobpal is building chatbots for your talent audience and network creating personalized candidate experiences and automating the repetitive tasks of your recruiting teams.

This supports your organisation to change how you as an employer brand interact with candidates and automate your whole recruiting process. Be one of the early adopters of the whole new autonomous assistive agent field and reduce your time spend on repetitive tasks while saving money. As instant messaging is only picking up momentum the time is ripe to implement and try chatbots in recruitment.

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