Your Candidate Experience Makes Or Breaks a Hire

Tim Bremer Oct. 4, 2018

In a recent article on their very own blog, Google’s Hire team presents some greatly interesting facts about the candidate experience. Known for their accuracy and industry insight, the team collected figures, statistics and facts from various different sources, concluding that bad candidate experiences drag down your hiring performance drastically. Their “six data-driven justifications for obsessing over candidate experience lead to the observation that candidate experience has a direct effect on cost and performance:

  1. Poor Candidate Experience Causes Customer Churn
  2. Ignored Candidates Don’t Reapply
  3. Bad Experiences Spread Like Wildfire
  4. Technology Can Help - or Hinder - Candidate Experience
  5. How Candidate Experience Affects Offer Acceptance Rates
  6. Candidate Experience is Your Best Opportunity for Improving Hiring Performance

You can read detailed points and the reasoning behind these six justifications on Google’s blog. Though as a recruiting tech provider, point 4 caught our attention and we’d like to elaborate more on that.

Instead of removing HR professionals from the hiring process, technology is used to augment their abilities

We couldn’t agree more. Human interaction is a vital part of the recruitment process. Believe it or not - that’s why we’re building chatbots in this area, to bring human interaction back to recruiting. Our biggest focus lies on the candidate experience, but as Google Hire puts it, a great candidate experience is not achievable without human interaction. Against general belief, chatbots don’t take over a recruiter’s job - they augment and make more human interaction possible through automation of repetitive tasks. Through a chatbot, your company can engage with candidates whenever and wherever they want. Automating frequently asked questions is a huge plus for both recruiters and candidates, because candidates don’t have to wait days or even weeks for a reply anymore, and recruiters gain more time to spend with top talent. It’s a clear win for the candidate experience.

Exceptional candidate experiences combine the efficiency of automation with the personal touch of a recruiter.

Your candidate experience can make or break a hire. Whether or not your candidates feel like they’re being taken care of can decide the outcome of your hiring process. It’s time to take control and be conscious about CX.

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Google Hire: Great Candidate Experience Isn't a “Nice to Have”—It Cuts Costs and Drives Revenue
Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

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