Over the last two years we have been able to work with great teams and companies to test, iterate, improve and validate our chatbot technology for many recruiting and HR use cases, but there’s so much more we can achieve with chatbots and the technology behind it in the talent and employee engagement/support space.

Frequently, we get calls and requests about new potential use cases and application areas of chatbot technology that builds on our technological expertise and market understanding. We have an outstanding team with academic and industry research experience in natural language processing, machine learning, and human-computer interaction and are excited to explore new territory together with you.

We can help you use chatbots effectively in your organization, whether you have a chatbot project already underway, or are considering some possible use cases. Interested in deploying a pilot? We can help you during your decision-making process through feasibility analysis, workshops-style sessions, and custom prototypes.

Already using a chatbot, but not sure whether it’s “working” or where to start in improving it? We can develop an evaluation strategy tailored to your needs; help you discover emergent uses and untapped opportunities; and provide suggestion for technical improvements.

Read our interview with Bill Boorman, who urges building chatbots in talent acquisition with both enthusiasm and a healthy dash of caution.

For every machine learning (ML) application, and especially one doing natural language processing (NLP), data quality is the biggest factor in performance. Especially with chatbots, datasets tend to be quite small, and domain-specific. This is why we have developed a rigorous approach on cleaning and improving our datasets, in addition to constantly working to push the technical capability of our in-house ML/NLP service.

A good chatbot doesn’t just need good underlying ML/NLP, but also good flow design, user experience (UX), and transparency. We work with clients on flow and customization. We also strive to communicate performance honestly and clearly, which means we also think about visualizing performance information and communicating evaluation results.

Reach out to us via to discuss new projects in this space where you’d like to rely on our expertise. Our R&D team is excited to partner with you! We see research as a critical part of a chatbot project at any scale.